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Oranz is the new Vlad


If you don’t already know this brew – now is not not the time to find it….END OF UNFORGETTABLE BATCH

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The saying goes “opposites attract” and they don’t get much more opposite than an orange blossom mead aged in rum barrels and a Russian imperial stout aged in whisky barrels.
At 11.1% it’s not for lightweights and the taste is pretty huge too. Mead and imperial stout, rum and whisky, all combine to give a sweetish roasty Braggot with hints of rum and whisky.
This one has us stumped, so we want you to tell us what to match it with. But it doesnt need anything else really.

Oranz is the new Vlad’s name is a combination to match the drink. Oranzhevyy being Russian for orange, and Vlad for Vlad the Impaler.

330ml    11.1% ABV    END OF BATCH


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