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Whizz! Bang! Catnip Mousie



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The Whizz Bang Catnip Mousie is the premier ORGANIC, FULLY COMPOSTABLE, EARTH FRIENDLY Catnip Mousie on the planet today!  Get yours now!!

100% wool fabric remnants, stuffed with our own farm grown organic catnip and raw alpaca fleece, embellished with the fallen feathers (nobody we ate!) from our flock of chooks – make this Mousie irresistible to even catnip-resistant Cats.

No two alike, and none like them anywhere.


****** Did you want a Whizz! Bang! Catnip Mousie with NO GROG?  Our site defaults to calculate shipping with bottles only BUT!  We can ship up to 6 Mousies for $11.00 Australia Wide – just drop us a note with our CONTACT US link at the top of each page, and we will send you an invoice which includes the Mousie only shipping price – Cheers! *******