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Son of Odin 6 pack


(3 customer reviews)

Son of Odin Session Mead – On Tap @ Mjolner Sydney

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Sometimes you need a low alcohol or session mead.

Heresy I hear you shout!!

Hear me out, session meads allow you to enjoy tasty, tasty mead at anytime.

Son of Odin still has the toffees and caramels alongside a light carbonation to take it to the next level.

6 x 330 ml   5.5% ABV

3 reviews for Son of Odin 6 pack

  1. Patricia Hennessy

    Drank this Mead at a mid winter feast hosted by The Dog and Monocle in Nowra NSW, absolutely amazing product that i hope to have more of on the future!

  2. Derek

    If you’re not familiar with mead, its quite a unique taste, not quite a beer and not a cider, closest thing I could liken it to could be a Kriek, but a more mellow taste. Easy drinking, very delicious and well worth a try.

  3. Jack Portegies

    I regularly drink a few horns of this when I visit Mjolner in Sydney, so naturally I had to get some for my own fridge. It’s a lovely session mead that’s very easy to drink, if it’s beer or cider you normally drink odds are you’ll love this mead. I hope to get a big lot for my engagement part and wedding.

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