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Heading to the Coast – Macadamia honey Traditional Mead


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Fond of White wine? This may be the Mead for you!

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Heading to the Coast

We take raw unfiltered Macadamia honey from Northern NSW and South East Queensland and use it to make a semi – sweet mead designed to showcase this uniquely Australian Honey.

This gives a light and bright mead, which if you close your eyes could take you to the beaches of northern NSW or SE Queensland.

Best enjoyed on its own or with fresh seafood.

375 ml    15.7% ABV

2 reviews for Heading to the Coast – Macadamia honey Traditional Mead

  1. Andrew jones

    Really liked this mead, the macadamia really shines through big mouth feel,
    quite sweet very unique flavour

  2. Naomi

    Bought this today and the bottle is empty. My husband is wondering how he’s never had mead before after trying this. I don’t actually like macadamias but it’s so subtle it works.

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