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The name says it all!

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This is a bochet aged in Overeem whiskey barrels, and arguably our best mead to date.

One not to be missed

375 mls  14% ABV

4 reviews for OMFG

  1. Stephen M M Szabo

    Extremely fine. The eternal battle between drinking it all at once or savoring it a little at a time had to be fought, and the last splash stayed in the bottle for weeks, as once it was gone, it was gone. First bottle was a gift to me, but the next two will be ordered by me for my own delectation and delight. Winter is coming!

  2. Declan

    They weren’t lying when they said it’s their best. Best damn mead I’ve tasted for sure.

  3. Thorny

    Named correctly, this mead is directly sourced from the streams in Valhalla. My only complaint is the bottle miraculously empties really quickly…

  4. Damien Martin

    Totally lives up to its name. Quite probably the best Mead I have ever tasted

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