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#altfactsISB 6 pack


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“Gateway” Sour – try it, you’ll like it!

Braggot combines Mead and Beer

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What’s in a name you may ask?

Everything apparently. #altfactsISB is our parody of the orange haired monkey and a Thank You to the Inner Sydney Brewers club who helped to design it.

We kettle soured the wort and then treated it like a normal APA before adding our own unique touch by adding macadamia honey mead to transform it into a braggot.

A truely unique brew.

OG: 1.050 FG:1.008  Unfiltered

6 x 330 mls  6.1% ABV

2 reviews for #altfactsISB 6 pack

  1. Matt

    Wonderful citrus hop aroma on opening similar to an APA and light floral flavours & lightly soured effervescent braggot.

    (I’m not a fan of ‘sours’ so was pleasantly surprised that it was even less-sour, and hence more drinkable, than a Berliner Weisse!!!)

    Super refreshing, ‘more-ish’ and sessionable!!

  2. Tam

    Would sell my first born for a case (sorry boy) 10/10 will drink again.

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